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DIY Home Float Therapy – A Little Bit of Magic, A Little Bit of Science

FLOAT THERAPY Ranks #2 For Effectiveness. I think everyone should have their own float tank. Float therapy is the #2 most-recommended self-healing modality listed in the Ultimate Healing Guide. As of this writing, I’ve spent 2,600 minutes experiencing sensory deprivation floatation in skin-temperature Epsom salt baths while also in pure darkness and silence. I know this […]

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Welcome to The Body Is Mind

TheBodyIsMind.com Educational Project For most of us, pharmaceutical medicine does nothing to restore a belief in ourselves or purpose in our lives. And without love, life is not worth living. Neither drugs nor surgery will give you any of these.  I developed TheBodyIsMind.com and the Ultimate Healing Guide™ for many reasons. Primary among them was knowing that […]