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Brainwave Entrainment is Near-Instant Meditation

Synthesized Sound Waves When I recently discovered that the same synthesizers I use to compose cinematic soundtracks could be used to generate healing waves of sound, I was blown away. As a composer, I’ve always been very aware that I was creating my own music to mesmerize myself with it. I could come home after […]


How Our Language Prevents Healing Awareness

How would you describe the picture just above? Chances are you either have no words at all or many words. It’s quite the opposite problem when it comes to the word ‘mind’ because this one word means so many different things. Dictionary definitions for ‘mind’ include the faculty of consciousness and thought; a person’s intellect; a person’s […]


The Magic of Cannabis Nobody Talks About

On a personal basis, I consider cannabis to be a divine plant. Quite frankly, I have serious doubts whether I would have found my way to self-healing without it. As a medical marijuana patient in Colorado, my doorway to self-forgiveness, self-compassion, and gratitude was opened thanks to the use of this beautiful plant medicine. With […]

Christmas in Chicago 1968

The Last Christmas Before My Mother Died For my first official post on the subject of death and further disclosure of my personal journey towards healing, I will honor my mother. There’s more to this story, but let’s start at the end. My mom died from diabetes in April, 1969. I was 31 months old; […]


Our Path Towards BodyMind Self-Healing

Everyone here on Earth is fighting for survival. As part of living our lives, we are all seemingly penalized in one form or another as payment for the privilege of being alive, and this equates to pain. But some of us need to fight even more fiercely just to live! For folks in chronic pain, […]


Surgery for Chronic Pain is Never a Good Idea

I’m back from my chronic pain group at the VA hospital. That’s a giant building where a bunch of good people are working on a bunch of hurting and ill folks from the military. It’s always a gamble to agree to surgeries which bring knives in proximity to your body’s primary network cables in your […]