The information provided on TheBodyIsMind website and within the contents of the Ultimate Healing Guide  is not intended as medical advice; it is shared for educational and inspirational purposes only. Always tell your doctor if you are using any alternative therapies or if you are considering combinations of complementary therapies with your traditional medical-pharmaceutical treatment. It may not be safe to abandon conventional medical therapies or medicine and rely solely on a self-guided wellness program.

By no means do we intend to appear ignorant or insult your sensibilities. The majority of content, with exception of references, is largely the strong opinion of TheBodyIsMind.com staff. The opinions are, of course, based on deep research and reporting typical of any technical writing. The approach we take is different because we believe there’s a way to talk about what ails us and the possible remedies for those things without repeating high-brow clinical drivel or esoteric neuroscience vocabulary.

It is assumed that 1 out of every 10 people reading the material on this website will be in a condition whereby it may be too late for improvement of the physical body. In those cases, we still believe some or much of the content has value, particularly for your mind and your spirit. We’re not blissfully ignorant of the fact folks are suffering from terminal illness and genuine hardship close to the edge of the event horizon between life and death. This is the struggle we all face. We are all aware of our imminent doom, and suffering is a part of living.

TO EASE OUR SUFFERING is the primary intention of TheBodyIsMind.com.

You must be your own best advisor when it comes to you and your chronic pain or illness. The assumption is that you are the only person responsible for your condition; either you stand up to it, or it will bowl you over.

With Love in our hearts, we hope you can find something here or anywhere which will help heal your heart.


The Ultimate Healing Guide™ claims 101+ methods of taking care of oneself. IN FACT, our modality count is up to 122 as of August 2018; however, not all the articles are written and at least 32 modalities are missing from the 101+ Guide at this time. We’re working hard to research, document and post our findings, and we estimate that the Ultimate Healing Guide could eventually top 200+ modalities.

By the time we reach 75 modality articles posted, we expect this Guide will contain well over 500 pages of practical information to help inspire and guide you on your path towards self-healing. We also plan to reach the milestone of 100,000+ monthly visitors with a newsletter subscription 10,000 people within the first year. We forecast to expand our offerings with a book, guest contributors, and software apps.

It may at first appear as though we’re taking an anti-drug or anti-surgery stance. This is not the case; we believe there’s a place and time for both, while also holding to the idea that in nine-out-of-ten cases, other drug-free remedies were never even offered to a patient before a trusting patient was coerced into drastic measures as a first or second option.

Our stance is that drugs and surgery should be the absolute last resort after dozens of other methods have been attempted and failed. The reasoning is due to our experience with folks who are drugged out of their mind, are in the state of chronic toxicity, have had spinal fusions, and are now worse off and find themselves deep in hopelessness and despair while their doctor offers them no hope and no alternatives.

There are many alternatives; we write about them with compassion and an eye towards the expansion of self-awareness. We’re all swimming in a morass of suffering together –  and we can either stand on each other’s heads or lift each other up.