Our Global Mission.

We have the technology to heal trauma on a global scale. There is no reason in the world people should end up in chronic toxic overload from pharmaceutical prescriptions that are useless, or with permanently compromised flexibility from spinal fusions which are unnecessary. Read about our efforts to campaign for 21st-century mind-body wellness through the construction of TheBodyIsMind International Wellness Center.

Our primary mission is to help as many of the 450,000+ Veterans in Colorado, the 22 million U.S. Veterans nationwide, and 100’s of millions around the world who suffer from long-term chronic and intractable pain, anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, and PTSD, through combinations of technology and non-traditional, non-pharmaceutical treatment options previously unknown or unavailable to them.

We’re working to establish a network of alternative healthcare providers in Washington, Colorado, Texas, Virginia, and Florida to extend 50-100% discounts as part of the U.S. Veterans Treatment Discount Program.

This website was developed as an international mind-body wellness education project with practical information about 101+ therapies available for people to try before resorting to pharmaceuticals and risky surgeries. The elimination of suffering means taking full responsibility for one’s own health and embarking upon a self-directed healing path.