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Zen Float Co.

Float Therapy For Your Home

The Zen Float Company offers their original affordable float tent, plus a new 2018 upgraded float tank model, with 10% discounts for U.S. Veterans. Floating is a way to restore your self-awareness and reconnect with your bodymind. Floating offers great benefit for pain management, anxiety management,  PTSD, fibromyalgia, sleep deficit, and more. Floating in your own home helps you calm your body and rest your mind.

BOOK: The Float Tank Cure

This book was written by Shane Stott, founder of the Zen Float Company, and is an easy read for anyone looking to understand the benefits of floating from an industry pioneer who resolved his own case of PTSD. Click on the image or link below to order your copy from the author.

floatease HALO – $29

“The Halo allows the head to float in a more natural supine position. This enables the neck to completely relax and can dramatically reduce neck pain and discomfort while floating. Salt & Water Resistant, Machine Washable, Comfortable & Durable, Hypo-Allergenic.”

floatease-halo float therapy pillow for your head to support your neck while floating

The Neck Hammock – $65

The Neck Hammock is a traction device for your neck which you can hang from any door or post. Easy to carry with you when you travel, this portable device can help you relieve neck pain in as little as 10 minutes per day. The link carries our sales affiliate ID number and translates to website.

Get a discount when using this short-link to website:

The Woojer Strap™ – $150

Feel your music and games The Woojer Strap™. It’s like wearing a personal body subwoofer that doesn’t shake the house. Haptic vibration from (2) units on the strap allows you to feel the deep bass of your music and the explosions in your games when combined with headphone listening. The unit provides its own headphone amplifier which works nicely to enhance your sound with good earbuds. It can be used with wired headphones or paired wirelessly using your Bluetooth® device. Woojer also offers a larger vest with (4) haptic vibration units.

The Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy
Self-Help Starter Kit – $65

I was surprised it took me so long to learn about Myotherapy aka Trigger-Point Therapy. I’ve been rubbing the knots out of my shoulders with a giant bar of soap during my hot showers every morning. Apparently, I wasn’t doing it right, because while rubbing may help it doesn’t eliminate the knots entirely. By learning “The Bonnie Prudden Way” and by using her methods and tools, it has helped both my wife and I eliminate pain by applying direct pressure to muscle knots and micro-spasms.

There are other myotherapy canes on the market and perhaps you can find similar ones for cheaper. But I figured since Bonnie Prudden is the Godmother of Myotherapy, she should get credit for the work she developed decades ago.

When using this cane, sent by the author along with the book and the smaller tool, it feels as though my twin is standing behind me pressing his thumb into my shoulder right where it hurts in the muscle knot. Precise pressure, self-applied and very effective! According to Bonnie, it only takes 5-7 seconds of pressure before the tissues in spasm are starved of oxygen and release. By repeating this step on both sides, my wife and are can literally erase our own pain. Amazing! Thank you Bonnie!

I have learned that the micro-spasms in my tissue have babies and multiply if I ignore them. Melting them in therapy-temp (104F+) hot tubs works really well too, but when you’ve been sitting too long at a desk and have a pinched nerve, using pressure on the trigger-points really helps a lot! With this method, you don’t need to bother someone to rub your back; you can direct-target the muscles causing your pain.

From the website: “For people of all ages. Safe, long-term relief from arthritis, headaches, backaches, menstrual cramps, tennis elbow, trick knees, bursitis, and more! Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy is a natural, simple technique that can be performed in the home. Bonnie Prudden’s step-by-step method has been hailed by doctors and patients across America for its extraordinary 95 percent success rate. Click the link below to purchase your pain relief self-help kit today.”

Fiio A3 Mobile HI-FI HEADPHONE AMP – $60

Got yourself some good headphones? Unfortunately, our mobile smartphones don’t have the amplifier power needed to drive our good earbuds, cleanly and without distortion.  There’s no room in our phones for good amps!

Get yourself some earbuds in the $30-100 range and drop into a slimline, integrated power amplifier. You’ll immediately notice richer, fuller sound even at lower volumes. Amp-up and pump the big magnets of your delicious Skullcandy  to get some phatt bass into your ear-holes! You need a device capable of some serious power if you’re serious about the quality of your portable sound.

Check out this badass pocket headphone amp for about $60. The FiiO A3  model has you covered with extra volume plus a really smooth bass boost. You’ll hear everything you’ve been missing. Used with some $30 Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2, you’ll have the ultimate in affordable pocket audio for under $100.

If you value high-fidelity sound, this is a no-brainer.



Get yourself the best sounding earbuds for the money! Experience way better sound without breaking the bank!

Get (2) pair of Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 for less than 50 bucks!

These buds go together well with a FiiO A3 pocket headphone amplifier for premium mobile sound. If you care about what you’re listening to, you’ll step up to a high-fidelity portable sound system for your on-the-go or at-home music and sound healing enjoyment.

Finally hear the freakin’ bass in your favorite music or healing sound!

Tickle your animal brain with some Skullcandy Smokin Buds 2.

Google Daydream

Stand-Alone VR – just $99

The future of pain management includes affordable VR therapy. Experience the best healing and distraction therapy available in a portable, wireless, stand-alone Virtual Reality headset, from Google.

VR is more powerful than opioids for pain.

VRPAIN.COM <-- Click that link for more info!


Heartmath Inner Balance™ 

Biofeedback for $159

This device measures your heartbeat, but in a different way than you might think. The gap in time between every heartbeat changes; they are never the same. Even when you have a heart-rate of 60bpm, there are minute changes of time between beats. This is called your heart-rate variability. Measuring this can give us some valuable health-related feedback.

Slip the small sensor on a finger, and you’ll be able to see your heart-rate variability on your paired Android device or iOS iPad. Since it’s a simple biofeedback device which provides you visible feedback, it’s possible to use the included software to train your brain into calmer states of mind (download from Apple Store or Google Play).

It gets better. The makers of the Inner Balance biofeedback device, the Heartmath Institute, claim that you can achieve both body and mind tranquility with this device. They say Inner Balance, “trains you to shift and replace emotional stress with emotional balance.”

Teach yourself tranquility and put life back in your own hands.

Radical Blends, Inc.
Hemp Oil Supplement
with 100% Arabica Microground Coffee
for Anxiety and Pain Relief

Radical Blends, Inc. is a Colorado company.

GIVE BACK EVERY DAY. 7.77% of your purchase (not just the bottom line) goes to supporting vulnerable and exploited children around the world.

SUPPORT A HEALTHY INFLAMMATION RESPONSE. As a Non-GMO and GMP certified product, you can be certain that we only use the best hemp oil, which offers a number of health benefits since it also contains essential fatty acids from Omega 3 and Omega 6 healthy fats.

MORE FOR YOUR MONEY. This is a “fully-conjugated (nerd red alert!)” hemp oil product with industry-leading absorption & enhanced bioavailability. Our proprietary RADS™ (Rapid Absorption Delivery System) ensure your body’s cells receive the full benefit of these active compounds, instead of flushing them as waste. Now, you can stop buying ineffective, “infused” placebos!

END PILL FATIGUE. STOP POPPING PILLS. Our hemp oil product is intended to be used in hot & cold beverages, smoothies, cooking, and backing applications. You can use as standalone instant coffee, to enhance your preferred cup of coffee, or for an added kick to any other item you might like to enhance with hemp oil, and an all natural coffee flavor.

ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE. Our Radical guarantee means that you can order the best hemp oil product on the market with enhanced bioavailability and no THC. Plus, all Radical Blends products come with a 60-Day risk-free 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Check out Radical Blends’ Hemp Oil Supplement on

Nature’s Best Relief
Hemp Pain Cream

Personally tested. Works great on contact. Powerful euphoric sensations with intensity to distract from your pain, and pleasant but not medicated smell of Menthol and Camphor Oils. Not recommended as a massage cream, as it will dry prematurely and become abrasive. Just plan to sit or lay in a way that doesn’t touch up against the area applied for a short while. Perhaps listen to some meditation music or binaural healing audio while you wait for absorption before you put on a shirt or lay against a couch cushion. This distilled-water based pain cream has Methyl Salicylate as the primary ingredient, and also contains Eucalyptus Oil and Emu Oil as the final ingredients (lowest amounts).

Nature’s Best Relief is a Colorado company.

From the website:
Nature’s Best Hemp Pain Cream is a hemp-based topical creme designed for instant, all natural pain relief. It is infused with the highest quality hemp and proprietary ingredients for long-lasting pain relief. No THC. No drug test worries. Made from pure hemp oil from the highest quality sativa hemp. Totally GMO-free. Nature’s Best Hemp Pain Cream is one of the first commercially available cannabidiol creams in America.

This product complies with all FDA standards and is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or maintain any ailments or diseases in accordance with FDA guidelines.

Sponsored by Sooth Studios, Inc.

a Colorado Company

Sooth Studios, Inc.

Sooth Studios, Inc.